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“Justice delayed is justice denied.”

– William E. Gladstone

“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.”

– Charles Dickens

“A law is valuable not because it is a law,but because there is right in it”

– Henry Ward Beecher


Do you really need a lawyer?
manFunny but sarcastic quotes about lawyers. Remember that friend of yours who was particularly certain that you do not need one? He may be right. He could be wrong. So, you went ahead and searched for everything online. Easy peasy – no need to pay lawyer’s fee. It is not worth a dime. The result? Only he knows.


Do you really need a lawyer?

Funny but sarcastic quotes about lawyers. Remember that friend of yours who was particularly certain that you do not need one? He may be right. He could be wrong. So, you went ahead and searched for everything online. Easy peasy – no need to pay lawyer’s fee. It is not worth a dime. The result? Only he knows.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are confused about whether or not to hire a lawyer, this page is for you. Here are FIVE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PROBABLY NEED TO HIRE A LAWYER. Read along and I wish you could figure out your answer at the end of this reading.

Reason No. 1: You simply do not know what to do.

Not everyone is equipped with the intelligence to deal with legal matters. For a select few, a simple divorce application maybe something that they can file on their own. For some, this is like a puzzle with 1,000 pieces. You may try to grasp the information on How-to-Apply-Divorce-in-Ten-Steps website you randomly found on Google. However, not everyone understands step one to step ten like a simple ABC. You might end up giving up on the process because you simply do not know what to do.

Reason No. 2: You do not have time.

The wise ones are the ones who know how to use their resources. You know what they say – make your money work for you. The same goes for a court application. Why bother scrambling through the court forms when you can pay a modest amount for a professional who can do it for you. Simply put, pay someone to worry for you. Lawyers are trained to advocate for their clients. A good lawyer loves the scent of winning a case. Be assured that most lawyers strive hard, sweating their brains out, thinking about how to win your case all the time. That includes time in the shower, time while preparing that morning tea and needless to say, that precious time before bed at night. Your lawyer is always thinking of your case. Between you and your lawyer, your lawyer has time.

Reason No. 3: You are not familiar with the technical court procedures.

It took at least four years for lawyers to understand whether or not to File Form 8 or to file Form 8A or whether or not to file your Defence now or you still have three days to beat the deadline. It is also close to impossible to read the Criminal Code or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act overnight to defend yourself in court the next day. The court procedure is unfortunately not for everyone. It is very much technical in nature that even lawyers find themselves learning fully about the steps only in court practice.

Reason No. 4: You are emotionally occupied with the issue and cannot think clearly.

This reason is particularly applicable to family law matters. People who are involved in court cases pertaining to very personal problems, are most often than not, pre-occupied and confused with strong biased emotions. This scenario is toxic as one’s capacity to participate in reasonable negotiation is likely poor. The tendency is that the matter will be prolonged and will shy away from the settlement. Most likely, it will proceed to a full-blown trial. A lawyer is always inclined to resolving issues the quickest way without sacrificing the client’s interest. Being legal professionals, lawyers are trained to act objectively while advocating for their clients. To paint the picture clearly, you can focus on your emotions (cry all you want if you must), while your lawyer stands before the court arguing your matter.

Reason No. 5: Your opponent has a lawyer.

Unless you are a lawyer yourself, you could probably need an extra hand especially when the other party has a lawyer of his own. Try to level the playing field by getting help when you know you need it. As they say, two heads are better than one, right? This makes more sense if the other head is equipped with the relevant knowledge and years of experience in a particular legal issue.


To hire a lawyer or not depends entirely on the nature of your legal matter. There are issues that can be resolved out of court with the parties just negotiating amicably. There are issues that are very complex and unfortunately, an amicable settlement is no longer an option. Now, with respect to those who are not financially capable of hiring the services of a lawyer, my advice to you is at least talk to one. A session with a lawyer will provide you an idea of how you can defend yourself and protect your interest. You need not hire the lawyer after your consultation session. There are various government and private offices offering free legal assistance. If you ask me if the paying for consultation fee is worth it? Yes, it is. You are no longer in the dark. You are given an idea of your options and it is now up to you which option are you pursuing.


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