As of November 1st, 2022 – Canada’s Minister of Immigration, the Honorable Sean Fraser, publicly announced a plan to help businesses find workers with the right prerequisite skills in key sectors of the workplace. By accepting many immigrants throughout the span of three years and using their skills to contribute to the workplace, Canada will get a major boost in the economy and also reunite families.

In 2021, Canada welcomed over 405,000 immigrants across the globe and the government plans to pursue the same ambitions in the following years. Starting next year, Canada will strive for the goal of:

  • 465,000 permanent residents by 2023
  • 485,000 permanent residents by 2024
  • 500,000 permanent residents by 2025
Immigration Levels Plan 2023 to 2025 - Immigration Law

A massive increase in immigrants is necessary in order to make up for the decreasing numbers a few years ago due to the pandemic restricting foreign travel. With a high emphasis on economic growth, Canada issued a long-term focus of getting 60% of the total admissions from the economic class.

Below is a table summarizing the expected immigrants from each class that will come to Canada:

Immigration Class202320242025
Economic (Federal/Business/Atlantic Skilled)266,210281,135301,250

As a response to the table above, Canada had always been increasing their immigration levels since the late 1980s to compensate for the low birth rate. With 23% of Canada’s total population comprised of previous immigrants, Canada continues to depend on immigration for population and labour force growth.

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Key Principles of the Immigration Plan

  • The Canadian Express Entry system now has more features making it more user-friendly. It now welcomes newcomers who have special skill sets in health care, manufacturing, construction, and STEM programs and easily searches for work shortages in their specific field so they can fill in.
  • Reuniting families at a faster rate
  • Fighting against global crisis by providing safe havens across the coast, to those facing persecution and discrimination. One of these ways is expanding the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot
  • Ensuring that 4.4% of new permanent residents outside of Quebec are Francophone

During the public announcement, Canada’s new Minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser quoted, “Last year, we welcomed the most newcomers in a single year in our history. This year’s immigration levels plan will help businesses find the workers they need, set Canada on a path that will contribute to our long-term success, and allow us to make good key commitments to vulnerable people fleeing violence, war, and persecution.”

The Honorable Minister has acknowledged the importance of family reunification as well as showing dedication to safeguarding citizens around the world who are at risk of political or environmental dangers. With respect to the previous Immigration Levels Plan, the Minister has reformed and added newer features and policies to the Levels Plan on high ambition to make a better Canada.

The 2023-2025 Immigration Levels Plan will definitely strengthen Canada’s place as the world’s top destination for talent while continuing to build a strong foundation for economic growth and spreading many benefits of immigration to regions and communities across Canada.

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