If you are an international student or know anybody that is interested in working while they study in Canada, this reading will help and guide you through some important aspects of your study permit as well as provide you helpful tips in getting a job.

Before you start applying for jobs, it is important to understand what kind of permit you have. A work permit lets you work based on the conditions on it; i.e., the name of the specific employer who you can work for, the duration of the work period and sometimes the location of the work site. A study permit on the other hand can give the opportunity to find work, but there are strict requirements that must be complied.

In order to work with a study permit you must:

  • Have a valid Canadian Study Permit
  • Maintain an average academic standing
  • Study for six months or longer towards a  degree, diploma or certificate in a professional academic or vocational college/university
  • Determine whether or not your study permit states if you are allowed to work on or off campus

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Once all requirements are met, you are able to head on and look for employment. As an international student, you might feel uneasy and overwhelmed about finding work since you are in a new environment away from home. The list below will provide you with some amazing tips and advice on getting your first job here in Canada.

  1. Make your resume stand out to employers
    The resume is essentially the first impression of yourself outside of the interview as the employer will get a general idea of who you are. A resume briefly describes your past work and educational experiences along with your skills and accomplishments in one single document. What makes a good resume is relating all your past work/volunteer experience to the job you are applying for. For example, if you were applying to become a line cook you would not put on your resume “did administrative work for two months;” rather it would make sense to put “distributed meals at a local food bank” on your resume. Another important detail to remember when creating a resume is keeping the descriptions of your work experiences brief and very detailed. Employers have little time in reading long paragraph descriptions. Lastly, remember to put your name in big font and off to the side or below your name list all your updated contact information in little font.
  2. Write an amazing cover letter
    It is highly recommended and beneficial to also submit a cover letter alongside your resume. A cover letter will explain your interest in the job as well as how you are the perfect candidate for the position. You could also write about how you wish to strive in their company and explain your current visa status. The cover letter talks more about your personal self versus the resume where it only covers work related experience.
  3. Look out for volunteer opportunities
    The best and only way to build up your resume is to get out there and volunteer wherever you can. No matter what place you volunteer at, all volunteer opportunities are great experiences. A good place to start looking is your own school. They are constantly hosting networking events and have many creative clubs open for students to join. If interested in volunteering outside of school, a simple google search will help you find countless volunteer opportunities near your area. Volunteering is all about going out there and giving back to the community, which employers love.
  4. Be prepared for an interview
    With a solid resume and cover letter, do not be surprised and nervous if the employer wants an interview with you. The best way to be prepared for an interview is to be confident in your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses. Mention how you can overcome these weaknesses and prepare to elaborate more on some of the work experiences listed on your resume. Lastly, do some research on the company prior to the interview as employers will love it if you know what their company does and their goals.
  5. Network and ask for referrals
    Do not be afraid to spread the word that you are looking for work – get in touch with old friends, colleagues, schoolmates, and even family members. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile especially if you would like to reconnect with them. Being referred by someone who knows the hiring manager gives you the edge and credibility, but of course you need to make sure that you are really capable to do the job and more than willing to learn the ropes. That way, the person who referred you knows that you respect and give importance to the work that you have been referred to, and that you appreciate the gesture he/she has done for you.

With these simple and straightforward steps, finding employment will be stress free and easy. An outstanding resume, a cover letter that highlights your interests and qualifications combined with worthwhile volunteer experiences and confidence will definitely get you employed in no time. 

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