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Close to 500,000 work permits became effective in Canada in 2019 and about 3% of the total Canadian workforce are temporary foreign workers. Canada recognizes the vital role of foreign workers in supporting industries critical to the Canadian economy. While the labour market was severely impacted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Canada has taken measures to support employers seeking to bring workers through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

If you are not a citizen or permanent resident, you likely need a work permit to work legally in Canada. Some exceptions apply such as those in Canada with a student visa or those working under specified conditions.

Here are some types of work which may not require a work permit:

Athlete or Coach

If you’re a foreign athlete, coach, or member of a foreign team competing in Canada, you do not need a work permit.

However, you need a work permit if you will work for a Canadian team.

Aviation Accident or Incident Investigator

If you’re an accredited agent or adviser working on an aviation accident or incident investigation being done under the Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act, you do not need a work permit.

Business Visitor

If you’re coming to Canada to do business activities and will not be part of the Canadian labour market, you do not need a work permit.

Note that a “business visitor is not the same as “business people” who usually need work permits.

Civil Aviation Inspector

If you check the flight operations or cabin safety of commercial airlines during international flights, you do not need a work permit.

Convention Organizer

If you organize or run international meetings or conventions but do not provide “hands-on” services, you do not need a work permit.

Crew Member

You do not need a work permit if:

  • you’re working on foreign-owned and registered vehicles that are used mainly to transport cargo and passengers internationally, and
  • your work is related to operating vehicles or serving passengers such as truck driver, bus driver, or shipping or airline worker.
Emergency Service Provider

You do not need a work permit if you will help out in an emergency to help preserve life or property. Examples of emergencies include natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes, or industrial accidents that threaten the environment.

Examiner and Evaluator

You do not need a work permit if you’re a professor or academic expert who evaluates or supervises academic projects, research proposals, or university theses working for Canadian research groups or schools.

Expert Witness or Investigator

You do not need a work permit if you will give evidence before a regulatory body, tribunal, or court of law.

Family Member of Foreign Representative

You do not need a work permit if:

  • You’re accredited in Canada as the dependent spouse or child of a diplomat.
  • Your passport counterfoil and Global Affairs Canada issued ID card indicates “D” or “I”.
  • You have a letter of no objection from Global Affairs Canada (GAC)— this is normally issued only if there is a reciprocal employment arrangement with your home country.
Foreign Government Officer or Representative

You do not need a work permit to work in Canada if:

  • you’re an employee of a foreign government and you’ll work for a Canadian government department under an exchange agreement, or
  • you’re an accredited diplomat, consular officer, official or representative of another country, or
  • you’re an accredited representative or official of the United Nations, or
  • you’re an accredited representative or official of an international organization of which Canada is a member.
Health Care Student

You do not need a work permit if:

  • you’re doing clinical clerkships, and
  • the main goal of your work is training, and
  • you have written approval from the board that regulates your job (note that certain provinces do not need written approval), and
  • your training will last less than four months.
Judge, Referee, or Similar Official

You do not need a work permit if you’re an official at an international amateur competition who will judge or be an official for an artistic or cultural event.

Military Personnel

You do not need a work permit if you’re a member of an armed force of another country and you have movement orders stating that you’re entering Canada under the terms of the Visiting Forces Act.

News Reporter or Film and Media Crew

You do not need a work permit if you’re:

  • a news reporter or member of a reporter’s crew, or
  • a member of a film or media crew who will not enter the Canadian labour market, or
  • a journalist who works for a print, broadcast, or Internet news service (journal, newspaper, magazine, television show, etc.) and your company is not Canadian, or
  • a resident correspondent, or
  • a manager and or member of clerical staff, as long as the event is short-term (six months or less).
Producer or Staff Member Working on Advertisements

You do not need a work permit if you’re working on a foreign-financed commercial/advertising shoot for television, magazines, or other media and you’re:

  • a film producer, or
  • an actor, or
  • a director, or
  • a technician, or
  • other essential personnel.
Performing Artist

You do not need a work permit if:

  • you’re a foreign artist or the artist’s key support staff (people vital to the performance), and
  • you will perform in Canada for a limited period of time, and
  • you’re not being hired for ongoing employment by the Canadian group that has contracted you, and
  • you’re not involved in making a movie, television, or radio broadcast.
Public Speaker

You do not need a work permit if you’re a guest speaker, commercial speaker or seminar leader who is speaking at specific events, provided the event is no longer than five days.

Religious Leader

You do not need a work permit as a religious leader if your duties include

  • assisting your congregations to reach spiritual goals, or
  • preaching doctrine, or
  • leading worship, or
  • providing spiritual counselling.
Short-Term Highly Skilled Worker

You do not need a work permit if you will come to Canada as a high-skilled worker and

  • your job is under the NOC skill type 0 (managerial) or A (professional), and
  • you will only work for
    • up to 15 consecutive days once every six months or
    • up to 30 consecutive days once every year
Short-Term Researcher

You do not need a work permit if you will come to Canada as a researcher

  • at a public degree-granting institution or affiliated research institution, and
  • who will work for 120 or fewer consecutive days, and
  • who has not worked in Canada under this exemption in the last 12 months.

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