How to Get Police Clearance
from countries
Outside Canada?


Police Clearance
Obtaining a police clearance from countries outside Canada can be very stressful

It requires time, effort and money.

Police Clearance

Temporary Residents in Canada who are applying for Permanent Residency needs to submit a Police Clearance from country or countries that they lived for more than six (6) months. Oftentimes, they are given thirty (30) days to submit the required document.

Most of these working people need to take a day off or work under time to accomplish their police clearances. It usually takes a lot of research to be able to get an idea of how to get a police clearance abroad. There are websites that offer online services and assistance, but not all of these are legitimate sites.
One of the requirements of police clearances is the original fingerprint form. Most foreign countries require the fingerprint form to be mailed to them.

What kind of fingerprint do I need to submit? Where can I do it?

Other countries will also ask the applicant other documents like application forms, request letters, copies of proof of residency, etc.

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