Canada is a nation of Immigrants

Canada is a nation composed mostly of immigrants. If you’re not indigenous, then you or your family originally came here from another country like the Philippines, China, Korea, Brazil, France, Egypt, Iran, and Saudi Arabia and almost all over the world.

In fact, 17 million people have immigrated to Canada since 1867. Some fled war or poverty, others just wanted more lucrative jobs. All sought a better life. And Immigration policy keeps changing based on the experiences and a necessity to improve the protocols.

When it comes to weather, we have four seasons, and at this moment, it is winter. Canada is cold during this season but still, people from different parts of the world want to come here despite the weather and the challenges they may encounter as they move forward.

New immigrants can feel isolated, lonely, and homesick during the first year of their stay in Canada. A year and not so easy adjustment to some people. Canada is a country where we believe that our lives will be better, our dreams would be fulfilled. Our families will enjoy what Canada could offer to us.

If we are not indigenous then we are all Immigrants

Where are you from? Is this the question coming from the Immigrant himself? Is this good or bad? What do you think?

Some people were intimated when someone is asking that. Some were okay because, for them, people are just curious about your origin. Some people are just looking for acquaintances with the same country, color, and culture. In short, some of them are looking for a specific group whom they are comfortable to hang out with the same ethnicity and geographical background.

You said no, do you have another thing in mind? I know there are some people are here just to annoy, bully some new immigrants to prove that they are stronger, higher class immigrants compared to those they want to intimidate.

Believe me, these are just a few reasons why they are asking a question like “Where are you from?” Not definitely bad at all, because some of those people are asking out of some reasons and curiosity.

The 1st generation Immigrants experienced the hardest life when it comes to work and economic struggles.

The first generation immigrants, like me, are the one who will experience the hardest challenges. We are looking for a way to give our family the basic commodities and a need to live on a daily basis. Our characters will be challenged if we wrestle the economic difficulties and find ways to make our lives better, productive and fulfilling.

Their children, my children are also faced with some interesting questions about their cultural identities, clashing with us, their parents over values. Many struggles to redefine themselves later as adults more comfortable with their backgrounds. But most respect their parents and are grateful for the lessons we taught them.

Is Immigration good or bad for the economy?

Let us find out by watching the video below:

I am an immigrant, too!

I have three boys, Terenz, Daren, and Clarenz who came with me to Toronto, Canada. They were grown good-looking and strong teenagers now. On their first year, it was a mixed emotion because everything is new and curiosity is always there. They were happy and nervous at the same time because of the new environment, new schoolmates and different skin colors or nationalities.

After seven years here in Canada, they have so many questions about the diversities and dream job. How they can be financially secured and what programs do they need to take in order to get the high-paying jobs? It is hard to tell because even me, I need to pause and think to answer their questions. And I asked the same thing about it, would it be marketable after they completed it? Will it be a question too of whom you know inside in order for you to get the job you want?

Where are you from? This question sometimes raised fear, intimidation, and curiosity. To some, it is just a way of finding peers or group that could understand your traditions and share the values you grew up from your hometown. And I have so many good memories from home. To answer the question, We are from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija and it is 4 hours drive from Manila. The answer is just simple but if you are new in this country, you are hesitated. it has so many chunks of reservation if you will reply or walk away

Believe me, it is not easy at first to become an immigrant but given the right resources, right people, and connection. Canada has a lot to offer!

Equip our children with the tools to use while they are growing up.

So many questions, pending answers but it is you and our children can answer all of these based on their experiences. As parents, let us give them the tools, values and kind words to use in their daily lives. Carrying those values and tradition will make a better change. Canada has a different culture because of diversities and each color represents the good traditions from their own hometown. For this reason, be understanding and learn how to deal and get along with these amazing people.

If you have questions, simply drop us an email and hit this big red button. JCA Law Office is here to help you when it comes to an immigration matter.

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