June 6, 2023, Winnipeg – The dream of visiting Canada has just become more accessible for millions of Filipinos. Canada, a beloved destination for tourism, business, and family reunions, has made a significant move towards making its immigration services more user-friendly and equitable for people around the world.

Today, The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced the expansion of the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) program to include 13 more countries, with the Philippines featured prominently on that list. This milestone means that eligible Filipino travelers, alongside those from 12 other nations, can now embark on their dream journey to Canada without the traditional visa constraints.

Effective immediately, Filipino travelers who have held a Canadian visa in the past ten years or currently hold a valid United States non-immigrant visa can apply for an eTA when travelling to Canada by air. This expansion aims to simplify, expedite, and reduce the cost for thousands of Filipino visitors, allowing them to stay in Canada for up to six months for business or leisure purposes.

“The exciting development means that more Filipinos can now embark on unforgettable adventures, explore our diverse landscapes, reunite with family and friends, and immerse themselves in our vibrant culture without the hurdle of visa requirements,” says The Honourable Sean Fraser.

Canada is well-loved by Filipinos for its stunning landscapes, welcoming communities, and abundant opportunities. This eTA expansion is expected to boost Canada’s economy by stimulating travel, tourism, and international business. It is also hoped that it will foster stronger relationships between Canada and the Philippines.

Individuals with an existing valid visa can still use it for travel to Canada. Those ineligible for an eTA or those travelling to Canada by means other than air will still require a visitor visa. To check eTA eligibility and application procedures, travelers can visit Canada.ca/eTA.

The introduction of visa-free travel is expected to increase visitor numbers from the Philippines and other included countries. Over the next decade, the anticipated increase in Filipino tourism could generate nearly $160 million in additional revenue for Canada.

In response to this expansion, The Honourable Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, said, “Expanding the eTA for Canada is a major step toward helping our tourism industry soar to new heights. It’s not just about attracting visitors; it’s about showcasing the breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and warm hospitality that define Canada.”

The eTA expansion is a testament to the strong ties between Canada and the Philippines. It signifies a new chapter in our shared history, reinforcing the cultural exchange and mutual respect that underpin our countries’ relationship. It is now time for more Filipinos to make their Canadian dreams come true and contribute to the multicultural tapestry that makes Canada so unique.

Would you like to know more about the process of getting an electronic travel authorization (eTA) for Canada? Visit: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/eta/about.html

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