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Virtual Legal Services and Notary Public


Everyone needs to adapt in an ever-changing world, and that includes lawyers, notary public, oath commissioners and licensed immigration consultants. In the context of COVID-19, it means being able to navigate in the new normal by making sure both our employees and clients are safe and protected. As of August 1, 2020, Legislative Amendments are now permitting virtual or remote commissioning and notarization.

How Is Client Verification Being Done Virtually?

As a result of COVID-19 pandemic, the Law Society of Ontario are now allowing lawyers, notary public and paralegals to verify the identity of their clients without requiring their physical presence. Instead, an alternative means of verification such as face-to-face confirmation via video or virtual meeting will be allowed. However, lawyers, notary public and paralegals should conduct a risk assessment to ensure that it is appropriate in their circumstances to verify identity virtually. If a lawyer, notary public or paralegal chooses to verify identity via video or virtual meeting, risks associated with this practice should also be assessed and mitigated.

How Should Virtual Notarization Or Commisioning Be Done?

The commissioning or notarization of a document must be done in real-time wherein the lawyer, notary public or commissioner can see, hear, and communicate with the client throughout the entire transaction. The identity of the client must be properly identified and verified including any third-party present during the virtual meeting. The lawyer, notary public or commissioner must take reasonable precautions in the execution of the person’s duties, confirming that the client fully understands the document that is being executed and signed. A record and copy of the transaction is then maintained by the lawyer, notary public or commissioner.

By following the right legal procedures in Canada, you as our client can ensure that the quality of work we provide is at par with other big legal firms in the country.

What Is The Difference Between Client Identification And Client Verification?

Identifying our client means obtaining certain basic information about you, such as your name and address. We are required to gather this information whenever we provide legal services to a client, be it virtual or in-person consultation. This step may be done through email, phone, video conference, or other forms of communication. There is no requirement that it should be completed face-to-face.

Verifying the identity of our client means actually looking at an original identifying document, such as any valid government ID or passport, to ensure that you, our client, is really who you say you are. We are required to verify the identity of our client to ensure that no fraudulent information is provided.

JCA Law Virtual Legal Consultation And Notarization Procedure

We are now accommodating virtual legal consultations to our clients who prefer the convenience of a virtual setting (instead of physically coming to our law office). If this is your preference in these uncertain times, we’re here to help and lessen your worries with a virtual legal consultation to discuss your case or to notarize your legal document. By being able to quickly schedule virtual legal services and notary public online, we can ensure everyone’s safety as you will not need to leave your home to risk your health, providing convenience without sacrificing the quality of our legal services.

You may book your appointment through various channels: either by calling us at 1-855-522-5290 or by sending us a message at our FB Page @JCALawOffice. You may also drop us an e-mail at or by booking online via


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