Question: What if you’re an aspiring immigrant? You will need help from an immigration lawyer to process the papers for you, but unfortunately that is not what people – specifically Filipinos are taking the time to consider.

One of the first things people will learn when considering immigration is just how different the laws are.

The legal lexis itself, though still consisting of the same jargons, set a host of different parameters, leaving the people searching for answers more confused than when they started.

That said, people still choose to either seek help from their friends – their “kumares and kumpares,” who are-more often than not-as clueless as they are in the general scheme of things, or in some cases, heedlessly fill out online forms and join online forums while hoping for the best.

Perhaps it is the availability of information in the Internet that gives them the confidence to do so, relying on readily available resources. However, it should be noted that these readily available resources may or may not be as reliable as they seem at first glance.

It is a gamble, simply put, and therein lies the problem.

As such, it is highly recommended that a consultation be conducted-not just a random consultation, mind you, but a proper one, wherein an immigration lawyer will be asking particular questions regarding the client’s situation, along with appraising the documents at hand.

With this, any uncertainties will be cleared, and the client will have the opportunity to raise any questions that might arise and be given satisfactory answers from a trustworthy source who knows the subject inside and out.

A consultation is an entirely confidential process, where all relevant issues are addressed so that the immigration lawyer can obtain a complete knowledge of a client’s immigration matter. This way, any disturbances during the immigration filing will be avoided.

When the immigration lawyer has gotten all pertinent information, the client will be given proper legal advice.

Based on the case, the immigration lawyer will also be able to provide a time line for the whole process, and might even determine potential conclusions, such as the possibility of the application going through.

The consultation is also a great way for the client to see in person who they are dealing with, and they can determine if the immigration lawyer is reputable enough to represent them.

Moreover, they can see for themselves if the immigration lawyer actually knows the subject matter, and they can gauge the immigration lawyer’s capabilities firsthand.

Benefits of Consulting with an Immigration Lawyer

Procuring the services of an immigration lawyer lessens the chances of delays and complications in the process, since there already is a good understanding of the process itself, the guidelines involved, and the general and specific rules and regulations that encompass the procedure.
Intrinsically, an immigration lawyer will assist the client in the navigation of the immigration system, and an effective immigration lawyer will be skilled enough to steer the client to positive results.
An immigration lawyer’s services, once retained, include the provision of a retainer agreement wherein the professional relationship between the client and the immigration lawyer will be established. The client will also be given instructions as to how to proceed, as well as a detailed list of necessary documents for moving the case along.

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