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Our package includes free consultation with our lawyer and the full preparation of Will, Power of Attorney for Property, and Power of Attorney for Personal Care with Health Directive


Individual Will Promo Package

$449.00 +HST

( Regular Fee: $599.00 +HST )

Couple Wills Promo Package

$749.00 +HST

( Regular Fee: $999.00 +HST )
( Each person will get full set above )

REGULAR RATES APPLY if AVAILED INDIVIDUALLY and if scheduled on regular days by appointment (based on your preferred day and time)

Simple Will Only

$399.00 +HST

( Regular Fee: $499.00 +HST )

Power of Attorney Only

$249.00 +HST

( Regular Fee: $299.00 +HST )

Health Directive Only

$99.00 +HST

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Wills and Power Of Attorney

1. Wills Day is every 2nd Friday of the month starting March 13, 2020
2. A client may cancel seven (7) days prior Wills day without cancellation Fee
3. Booking Fee of $50.00 tax inclusive for each appointment slot (the couple who books for one spot will only pay $50.00)
4. Booking Fee of $50.00 tax inclusive will be forfeited for cancellation made three (3) days or less prior Wills Day. The client will be advised prior to the appointment regarding this.
5. Credit Card details will be pre-requisite for appointment booking.

Required Basic Information:

1. Name of executor/s – maximum of three (3)
2. Name of beneficiaries

Required Documents:

1. Client Form
2. Two IDs

So, when is the best time to make a last will?

In all honesty, there is no “right time” to create a last will. Thinking about your future death or illness and making all these tedious appointments and asset distribution is no fun. But not having one is worse. The people you care about the most will have to face more difficulties and challenges in the future if that happens.

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